Dairy Shed Monitoring

How can farmers better monitor the milk and water and water flows in their dairy sheds?

The situation is a challenge because:

  1. They have limited visibility in the dairy shed of where the milk is going once it has left the cow.

  2. There are multiple taps to open and close, which are susceptible to human error.

  3. They have cows that may be treated with antibiotics (eg for mastitis infections) that must be milked through the same plant but into a different vat, or down the drain into our effluent systems. In the spring time they also have newly calved cows that produce colostrum milk which cannot be milked into the main vat, and must go into a separate vat.

  4. They wash our milking plant after every milking with water and high strength-cleaners, which can be put into the vat with the milk if it is not closed.

  5. They have staff with different levels of experience and skill (even the most experienced make mistakes!) and they expect their staff to carry out multiple tasks during the day and be interchangeable in their roles in the shed.