Innovate U

Innovate U was created 3 years ago to give those that didn't make the finals a second chance, another opportunity to realize their dream.  We take the entrepreneurs on a 4 week journey, teaching lean methodologies, flipping traditional business models on their heads.  Here's what this year's 14 have been up to -

Week One
Introduction to the Business Model Canvas with an emphasis on value propositions and customer segments. 

Week Two
A jam packed workshop focused on customer relationships, channels, revenue streams and key resources.

Week Three
Our final business model canvas workshop focused on key activities, key partners and cost structures.

Week Four
Pitch workshop on how to structure a pitch, what to include and what not to talk about.  There's a lot to get through in 2 minutes.

Week Five
Pitch time - the final opportunity to wow the judges.

Final pitching is happening Monday, 17 October.  Good luck to everyone!