Measuring Grass

Farmers want to measure and record grass growth and quality in real time so that we can better utilize pasture for feeding animals.  

The major challenges are:

  1. Measuring the quantity of grass accurately across a farm in a timely way

  2. Measuring the quality of grass – protein, fibre (NDF, ADF) and ME (metabolisable energy) through the season in a timely and cost-effective way

  3. Planning which paddocks to graze on what date to maximize the growth and nutrient potential of the grass. (rye grass should be grazed when it has 3 leaves to maximize growth potential and nutrients)

  4. Forecasting grass supply and demand ie how fast the grass is growing vs how much the animals are eating. So that in 3 weeks time we do not have old rank grass which the animals do not like, or conversely no grass to feed them!

  5. Understanding which paddocks of our farm are performing or under-performing, so that performance can be improved – water, fertiliser, new grass sown, pest problem, soil structure etc.