MoreFM Wild Card

Johnelle Hosking from MoreFM Manawatu watched the 'Top 19' pitch so she could get a better understanding of how the Innovate process worked.  Being an entrepreneur herself, she wanted to soak in as much learning as she could and see what it took to become a finalist in Innovate 2016.

Johnelle was so impressed that after the mentors selected the 'Top 5', she asked if her team could pick up a "wild card" and mentor them through the process.  So, the 'Top 5' became our 'Top 6'.

Johnelle works with Mike West and Gareth Pringle on their award winning breakfast show, Mike West in the Morning (92.2 MoreFM Manawatu).  So, what her team were after was a business with a product to sell, something that their expertise could really help accelerate.  They picked MatchFit Toolbox and Doug Tiejtens.


MatchFit Toolbox wants to help people reach their goals and dreams. This is what they believe is important and is the reason they decided to launch.

Their mission is to make you understand how important your body is in achieving your goal or dream.

However, MatchFit Toolbox wants you to focus on WHY you do what you do. What is your WHY? 

Fun, enjoyment, competition, challenge, friends, family, career or something else.

If you understand what your WHY is then you will be able to chase your goal or dream with a higher level of motivation and drive.

They want to be there to support and help you on your way to your dream.

The team at MoreFM have been busy over the last few weeks helping Doug and MatchFit Toolbox with a bit of marketing.  Their first task was creating a catchy, radio ad, which you can hear below.

Stay tuned - there will definitely be more from MoreFM and Doug shortly!