What's Next?

6 weeks to go for our finalists are there's a ton to get through.  Here's a brief summary of what's in store.

Our finalists have been working through the business model canvas, with a focus on customer validation.  Validation is probably the most important part of Innovate - it makes people understand that their purposed solution to a perceived problem is something people will pay for.

The final 6 weeks are crucial.  The finalists will be taking what they have learned from their validation exercises and putting that into a context of building a sustainable business model.  That coupled with help from their mentors should make our final night in November one to remember and create 6 healthy businesses.

Here are some critical dates -

  • 17 October | Innovate U Pitching

The fourteen that did not make it into the finals have an opportunity to pitch to get back into the finals.

  • 18 October | Top 6 Catch-up

Our finalists will have an opportunity to catch-up with the judges.  This is an important time for both the judges and the finalists

  • 23 November | Finals | SAVE THE DATE

Our finalists will be pitching live for a chance at our top prize as well as an opportunity for more investment through our local angel group MIG.