Top 6 | Meet our finalists

Game on!  We've gone from 5 to 6 so let's meet our finalists!  Find out more about our Wild Card entry here.

Chelsea Hirst
Chelsea has been partnered with Sharon Bryant, a fixture in the Innovate family over the last 3 years.  Chelsea's idea is around creating a healthy way for horses to eat.

Nic Hopkins and Elizabeth James
Nic and Elizabeth have come up with a novel way to stop doors from slamming accidentally.  Joining their team is Shane O'Brien, a local building expert, who no doubt has some excellent ideas and connections to help save fingers from the chopping block. 

Maddison McQueen-Davies
Simon Barnett jumped at the chance to work with Maddie and her idea of healthy snack foods for kids.  Maddison, a Palmerston North Girls High School student, is working towards eliminating sugar filled snack foods so kids refuel on healthy alternatives.

Riley Kinloch
At the age of 11, Riley is our youngest Innovate finalist ever.  His mentors, Rick Gain and Stu Bradbury, see the merit is Riley's idea of keeping dogs warm.  With a fully functional prototype, Riley is now working towards a business model that will work and be sustainable.

Simone Stewart
Being a busy mum of 4, Simone realised that she needed time each day to stop, refuel and refresh.  So, she's working with Rodney Wong and Lyn McCurdy on a food product that will give our mums a quick dose of relaxation and energy.

Doug Tietjens
Doug's business, MatchFit Toolbox, was picked up as the MoreFM Wild Card for 2016.  Doug's toolbox provides excellence in sporting flexibility and will no doubt gain a lot of marketing knowledge with his team from Mike West in the Morning!