Our Top 6 finalists for Innovate 2017 have been announced.  Good luck to everyone!

Paul Simpson
Mentor | Neriah Broughton
StockTrim - using AI, Paul's system allows shop owners the ability to count stock in real time.  The mentors believe this system has the ability to scale into different businesses as well.

Mitch Williams
Mentor | Chelsea Millar
We all know how hard it is to cut a pumpkin.  Mitch came through Innovate last year and didn't make it. So, he persisted and with the help of Rob Whitfield, has created a new blade that cuts pumpkins safely and with ease.

Stephanie Buckeridge
Mentor | Peter Ellingham
The Scrub Collab - handmade, chemical and nasty stuff free body scrubs. Stephanie is a young entrepreneur, local Massey graduate and will really benefit from Innovate.

Rachael Farrell
Mentors | Lyn McCurdy & Ian Harve
A web based directory and information service providing practical guidance and care ideas for those coping in the first days after a death. Rachael is from Dannevirke and after experiencing this first hand, she decided to do something about it - to help those in need and her community.

Dion and Matt Lynch
Mentors | Rob Whitfield & Simon Barnett
Safe-A-tec - a smart helmet that sends alerts to mangers around the health and safety of their workers.

Arthur Chin
Mentors | Vicki Stewart/Murray Georgel
A novel way of feeding children infant formula on an airplane. Those that have kids all know how difficult it is to carry a nappy bag with 20 different bottles of stuff!  Arthur's idea (which has been patented) gets rid of the extra bits in the nappy bag.